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Do you feel like you have little say in what goes on in our state? Perhaps there are things going on in your neighborhood and community that nobody seems to care about. Here at TalkBack Georgia, we discuss those important things and help get them traction. We put our minds together to help Georgians find solutions, mobilize political action, and raise awareness for current local issues.

On our talk shows and podcasts, you can let your voice be heard! Submit your talk show ideas and topics on our website – you can even be featured in one of our shows if you’d like. We’re all about helping you get your voice heard by other members of the community; who knows who might hear about the issue you bring up?

Meet Talk Back Georgia’s Host: Jewel Johnson

Meet Jewel Johnson, a community advocate with over four decades of service, and the dynamic host of Talk Back Georgia, your community talk show. Read about Jewel’s background and how she’s uniquely qualified to host our talk show. 

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Send your thoughts about our topics or be featured on a show to share your ideas.

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