Jewel Johnson has a career spanning four decades, and her journey is one marked by unwavering dedication to her community. As a wife, mother of three, and the host of Talk Back Georgia, Jewel’s story is not just one of community service but a testament to her unique background, which equips her to be the exceptional host of our community podcast and video series.

Jewel Johnson

Meet Jewel Johnson, Talk Back Georgia’s Host

Background & Community Service

Jewel’s foray into community service began in the 1980s when she was a City of Atlanta resident. At that time, the city was gripped by fear during the Atlanta Child Murder cases. Parents were anxious for their children’s safety, and Jewel, along with other stakeholders, stepped up as neighborhood watchdogs. She patrolled the streets, ensuring children’s safety as they played and traveled to and from school bus stops. Her neighborhood, Niskey Lake, was even touched by tragedy as a child’s body was found there, making her commitment deeply personal.

Over the years, Jewel has been at the forefront of numerous community discussions, from NPU meetings and town halls to community forums. She has actively engaged in shaping the future of her neighborhood, one of her proudest achievements being her involvement with the Association of West Cascade Communities, which played a crucial role in envisioning and planning the thriving business corridor enjoyed by residents today.

Jewel’s role as a parent with children in Fulton County Schools led her to become an active member of the PTAs at Camp Creek Middle and Westlake High School. She not only encouraged parents to connect with teachers and administrators but also advocated for local businesses to invest in the schools. Her efforts also extended to championing increased programming for Magnet students at Westlake and improved campus amenities.

Throughout the years, Jewel Johnson became a familiar face at zoning meetings, city council gatherings, and neighborhood events. She was always willing to lend her expertise to neighboring communities seeking solutions. In her own words, community service doesn’t have an official retirement, and Jewel gradually handed over the reins to new leaders. But in 2014, a significant opportunity came knocking, and she couldn’t stay on the sidelines.

A Firm Stance on Annexation & Role in the People’s Campaign

During this period, her community faced the possibility of Atlanta annexation, a proposition she firmly rejected. When her community was illegally annexed by the city, Jewel led a group of residents to successfully overturn the annexation, ensuring her neighborhood remained in South Fulton. She also played a pivotal role in the cityhood campaign for South Fulton, providing funds for the People’s Campaign and actively canvassing her neighbors to support the move. She firmly believed that county governance had its merits but recognized that as the community expanded, a more localized approach with city councils was necessary.

A Premier Vision for Fulton County

Jewel’s vision for Fulton County is clear: she envisions it as a premier city, a place where people can live, work, and visit with ease. Her goals include fostering redevelopment opportunities, diversifying housing options, and providing top-notch services for residents of all generations, from millennials to baby boomers.

Jewel Johnson: Standing Strong for Fulton County

With a distinguished career as a nurse spanning 44 years, Jewel Johnson brings a unique blend of healthcare knowledge, grassroots advocacy, and government operations experience to her role as the host of Talk Back Georgia. Her exceptional leadership and commitment to engaging with elected officials and the community on social and civic issues make her the perfect guide for the podcast, where she shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences to benefit the community at large.

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