Join The Jewel on Talk Back Georgia for a riveting Round Table Discussion! In this dynamic episode, we’re bringing together three passionate community advocates to delve deep into the pressing issues facing South Fulton County. From education to economic development, from social justice to public safety, we’re leaving no stone unturned.

Get ready to hear diverse perspectives, insightful analysis, and actionable solutions as we tackle the hot topics that matter most to our community. Our guests bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, each dedicated to making a positive impact and driving meaningful change in South Fulton County.

Throughout the discussion, we’ll uncover the truths, challenge the status quo, and empower our listeners with the knowledge and tools they need to be informed and engaged citizens. It’s not just talk – it’s action. It’s not just a discussion – it’s a call to arms for progress and justice.

So tune in to Talk Back Georgia and join the conversation as we amplify the voices of our community, shed light on the issues that matter, and work together towards a brighter future for South Fulton County.

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