Welcome to “Talk Back Georgia,” the podcast where we don’t shy away from the truth, especially when it comes to our community. In this episode, titled “The Council from Hell,” your host, The Jewel, delves deep into the murky waters of local governance in South Fulton County.

Beneath the surface of bureaucratic niceties lies a council that seems more interested in serving their own interests than those of the people they were elected to represent. The Jewel fearlessly exposes the lack of transparency, respect, and reliability that plagues our local council.

Through her incisive commentary and investigative journalism, The Jewel uncovers the unsettling truth behind closed doors. From backroom deals to blatant disregard for community input, she pulls no punches in revealing the true nature of the council’s operations.

But this episode isn’t just about pointing fingers; it’s about empowering our community to demand better. By shedding light on the council’s shortcomings, The Jewel sparks a conversation that challenges us all to hold our elected officials accountable.

So, join us as we lift the veil on “The Council from Hell” and discover what it truly means to advocate for a transparent, respectful, and reliable local government. Here at Talk Back Georgia, we believe that knowledge is power, and it’s time for our community to reclaim both.

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