Presented by the host of the show, The Jewel to empower and educate our community on why voting matters, how to do it effectively, and what to look for before casting that all-important ballot.

As community advocates, it’s our duty to shed light on the significance of every single vote. We’ll explore why your voice matters and how it can shape the future of South Fulton County. But it’s not just about showing up to the polls; it’s about being informed and engaged citizens.

So, we’ll break down the voting process, from registration to casting your vote, making sure everyone knows the ins and outs. We’ll debunk any myths or misconceptions, ensuring everyone feels confident and empowered when they step into that voting booth.

But before you even think about marking that ballot, we’ll equip you with the keys to discernment. We’ll discuss what to look for in candidates, how to evaluate their platforms, and the importance of holding our elected officials accountable.

Join us as we embark on this journey to strengthen our community through the power of voting. Together, we’ll ensure that every voice is heard, every opinion matters, and every vote counts. Tune in to Talk Back Georgia and let’s make our voices heard!

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